Discover Velipoja

The favorable geographic position of Velipoja where you can find the sea, a river, forests, a lagoon and mountains make tourism a top priority of this area. Every year more and more tourists are visiting Velipoja from Albania and from outside the country due to the beach's curative sand and the clean water. Despite sea tourism there are other types of tourisms that can be exploited in Velipoja such as mountain tourism, river tourism, hunting of wild birds and wares.

The Commune of Velipoja is rich in natural resources. Forest areas, lagoons, the curative sand, the marshes, the natural reservoir are part of the natural resources of the commune. Velipoja is also rich in fish resources, animals and wild birds who are also protected species such as the wild swine, the fox, the ware, the jackal, ducks, migratory birds, the pheasant, the geese, seagulls, snipes, herons and medicinal plants.

Despite the fact that Velipoja is very popular about its characteristics it remains a place of rare mystical beauty and it is now the center of thousand hundred tourists, who visit it during the entire year, mainly during summer. As soon as you reach the beach of Velipoja you can immediately sense the iodine aroma of its curative sand, which distinguishes this beach from the others. Many tourists come to the beach of Velipoja to exploit this characteristic but they do not forget to visit the other natural beauties of this area. The nature of Velipoja is truly rich. It waits to be explored by you!