History and heritage

The Commune of Velipoja started to be inhabited after the 60s of the last century, despite that historical data show that Velipoja's population dates in more recent periods such as the XV century. The existence of mogilas (cone shaped graveyards, built with stones) found in the Mountain of Luarzi and the Mountain Maja e Zeze, the ruins in the shore of River Buna and other archeological findings demonstrate an earlier origin.

The verdict of the government, on 21.1.2005, declared the River Buna and the surrounding territories "Watery/earthly locations protected", such as the Island of Franc Jozef, the reservoir of Velipoja, the Lagoon of Viluni, the beach of Baks-Rrjoll and the marsh of Domni. This fact is another advantage in the development of tourism in the Commune of Velipoja.